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It is extremely important to maintain consistent dental care in order to keep your oral health on track. By putting your trust in the talented team at Ivory Dental Aesthetics, you’ve invested in a practice that’s invested in you.

Our goal is to improve or maintain the health of our patients’ teeth and gums and to teach them the proper way to continue that care outside of the office.

By working together, we can work towards you and your family having bright, beautiful smiles that you’ll be proud to show off everywhere you go.

Ivory Dental Aesthetics in Walnut Creek, CA

If you're missing teeth, implant dentistry may be just what you need. By interfacing with the bone of a patient's jaw to act as an orthodontic anchor and support a dental prosthesis, dental implants can be the answer to completing your smile.

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Cosmetic dentistry can help you modify your smile to your liking. Whether it's to whiten your smile or to change the look of the actual teeth, this type of dentistry can help you finally get the smile you've always wanted.

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Over time, wear and tear on your smile can cause it to lose it's former glow. Restorative dentistry can help bring it back. We all deserve to love our smiles, and our Walnut Creek restorative dentistry services can help you love yours.

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From performing regular cleanings to diagnosing, treating, and managing the overall oral health care needs of you and your family such as gum care, our general dentistry offerings at Ivory Dental Aesthetics are designed to help you keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

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Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can make sleeping properly difficult and unpleasant. With proper treatment at Ivory Dental Aesthetics, we can help you breathe better and finally get a good night of care free, refreshing sleep.

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Straightening your teeth is made easy with our Walnut Creek Invisalign services. These clear aligners look better than traditional braces and make it easier to go about your life like normal and continue consuming all of your favorite foods and drinks.

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If consistent, intense jaw pain is having a negative impact on your life, our TMJ dental services might be able to help. Ivory Dental Aesthetics can get you back living your life to the fullest and without pain.

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